Wanna inject some fun and flavor to your next company meeting or event? Psycho Donuts never fail to drive everyone crazy at your meeting or celebration!

We offer delivery to your office, to your home, or as a surprise to your crazy friend!  For an added kick, have a Psycho Nurse in uniform set up and serve donuts and administer bubble wrap to your guests!

Here's how it works -- 

If you want delivery of our Neurotypical Dozens and/or our Totally Crazy dozens without getting too specific and you delivery address is somewhere between San Jose and Menlo Park.  Sorry we cannot guarantee early morning deliveries if you place them after 5PM the day before.  Please go to our online delivery order system.

If any of the following apply:

  • the internet mice have taken our system down
  • you want something a little more specific
  • you are more distant

please fill out the information below and we will send you an invoice or quote.


Delivery Details: 
Standard Delivery :

  • Drop off at your location.
  • Within Santa Clara county ranges from $28 to $53.
  • San Mateo County from $48 to $78.
  • Santa Cruz or Scotts Valley from $56 to $63. 
  • Please call for city specific rates or to ask about other counties.

Nurse Delivery:

  • Add $50 for Nurse delivery including one hour of donut service by one nurse.  The nurse will diagnose your guests' donut dilemma and serve their donut prescription on a plate or napkin.
  • $30 per hour after that.

Delivery orders should be placed 24 to 48 hours ahead of time, but definitely before 5PM the day before.