Take a TOUR INSIDE Psycho Donuts Campbell!

Psycho Donuts is the world's first and only asylum for wayward donuts. Psycho Donuts has "donutized" everything from pizzas, tacos, and even sushi! You'll find crazy-fresh, original donuts topped with everything from Oreo cookies and Captain Crunch to Rice Krispie Treats and Nutella. Check out our crazy gourmet donuts like The Dead Elvis, filled with custard and topped with bananas, peanut butter & jelly, and bacon; and the summer-seasonal Strawberry Margarita, filled with tequila pastry cream, topped with real strawberry and margarita salt.

It's a CRAZY donut shop, Dummy!

A trip to Psycho Donuts is a sensory experience, designed to bring out the crazy in all of us. Psycho nurses are on hand to provide bubblewrap therapy to minimize your selection anxiety. Psycho Donuts doubles as a quirky, offbeat art gallery, offering inexpensive original artwork from local artists. Take a picture in The Psycho Padded Cell; and 'donut' miss our collection of eclectic merchandise.

Psycho Donuts has quickly become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured on The Food Network, Cooking Channel, Today Show, Fox News, History Channel, Time Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Maxim Magazine, and many more. 

Visit our light-hearted donut asylum, and you'll quickly discover why Psycho Donuts is the world's most unusual gourmet donut shop!